Mass Transit / Last Mile Shuttle Services

Connecting Employees with Public Transit Options

One of the greatest challenges in utilizing public transportation options is the last few miles to get from hub to office.  C3 Transportation bridges those gaps with Mass Transit / Last Mile shuttle service options.  

Last Mile Shuttle Services are perfect options for people from public transit to their office, university, hospital or campus.   Last Mile Shuttles provide great flexibility of multiple stops to campus / office. The short distance trips from public hubs (train, bus, ferry) provide reliable, safe options for individuals that need flexibility in their schedules.   

Last Mile services can be completely customized to meet the company or property’s needs. Our expert team will create a program tailored to meet the demands of your employee’s schedules. C3 Transportation’s tracker app provides employees with real time ETA’s and traffic alerts for an even greater user experience 

Learn more about Last Mile commute solutions from a C3 Transportation expert at or 1-800-727-0279

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