Inter-Campus Connector Shuttles

Inter-Campus Connector Shuttles

A major challenge for employers is connecting people from building to building either on campus or between sites.  Real Estate constraints and excelled company growth often force companies to open multiple facilities across short and long distances.  Team collaboration requires employees to travel from building to building or site to site. C3 Transportation provides organizations with inter-campus solutions to bridge the gap and alleviate employees from driving alone and searching for parking in already overcrowded parking lots and garages.


Inter-Campus Connector programs can be tailored to meet the demands of the company.  Scheduled, fixed route solutions provide set schedules so employees always know when a shuttle is arriving.  The technology feature C3 Transportation provides to its customers gives real time GPS tracking and ETAs so employees are always connected to the exact arrival times for their ride to and from the sites.


If fixed route Inter-Campus programs are not a good option to consider, C3 Transportation also provides On Demand Connector services.  Employees can request a ride via an app in real time or book a request in the future.  


There are a variety of vehicle types that can be used for Inter-Campus programs.  Depending on the average number of riders per “loop”, programs can utilize shuttles, vans, cars or even golf carts.  Electric vehicle options provide a zero emission option and can be parked on-site and charged overnight to be ready for the next day’s service.


Inter-Campus Connector Services are also great for Universities, Large Medical Complexes, Shopping Centers and Entertainment Venues. 

Let our Transportation Solutions Experts create a comprehensive and dynamic Inter-Campus program to alleviate the stress of getting from site to site.  To learn more, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-727-0279

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