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Fixed Route Commuter Solutions

Let’s face it, the daily work commute to and from is grueling, tiresome and completely unproductive.  As companies and organizations are all searching for a talent pool to fulfil new and open positions, one of the major setbacks in an individual accepting the position is the commute to work.  On average an individual will spend 3 hours (sometimes more) on a round trip commute per day. That is a loss of 750 hours annually! The lost time creates a stressful, less productive employee.

There is a better way!  Commuter bus and shuttle programs provide companies and organizations with a productive alternative for transportation.  

Corporate commuter bus services are scheduled, fixed-route services with pick-ups strategically created in highly populated areas to campus/office. We provide a corporate bay area shuttle bus service.  C3 Transportation creates customized routes through employee density data analysis and regularly monitors to ensure companies are reaching optimal utilization.  Proactive Account Management and oversight ensure that the programs are successful and tailored to meet the needs of the riders.

Advantages of Commuter Bus Programs

More and more, companies are realizing the benefits of using a commuter bus service for their employees. On the surface, it may seem like a luxury perk. The reality is that every employee at a company gains when a transportation service is utilized. This also includes those who don’t participate in actually taking a shuttle. Here are some reasons why providing a corporate shuttle service is a viable solution and so worth the investment.

More Productive Employees

With a shuttle bus, you relieve your employees from encountering a large amount of stress and anxiety. Once an employee steps inside the shuttle bus, they can relax and not worry about the long commute or traffic. By the time they get to their workplace, they’re calm and ready for their day.  With a clear mind, they are ready to put forth maximum effort to have the most productive day. Data proves that many employees start their workday en-route; making phone calls, checking emails and even video conferences before they step out of the bus.

Improved Employee Retention

Staying ahead of the curve and retaining your top talent is easier when you offer an Commuter Shuttle Service. That’s because recruiting the top talent is one thing; however, instilling in them loyalty to your company isn’t a guarantee. Offering as many employee benefits as possible can sweeten the deal in the long-term. Once you have a commuter work program in place, you can add it to your new recruitment enticement packages.

Incentives and Compliance

Ridesharing is beneficial financially to your company from a tax savings perspective too. There are some regulations that you’ll need to be aware of, so check with your company’s legal team before you rely on the assumption on what is and isn’t deductible. The Transportation Equity Act, IRS code 132(f) outlines many of the details about ridesharing.

It’s a fact that as highly populated cities continue to expand; many cities are requiring more stringent Transportation Demand Management requirements.  Many cities require companies to create robust TDM plans in order to build, re-model or even move into existing space within that city. Companies must comply with the requirements or usually face large fines.  As part of a robust TDM plan, customized Commuter Services can move a large number of employees and can greatly reduce the single occupancy vehicles from the campus count.  

Contacting our corporate commuter shuttle service commuter bus bay area is a great place to start. C3 Transportation is the leading Bay Area Shuttle service provider in San Francisco. Tell us your vision, and then let us create a solution that stays within budget while meeting the needs of your company and its employees. For additional information and to find out how C3 Transportation can customize your commute options, please contact us at or call 1-800-727-0279

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