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Our Mission

C3 Transportation provides premium corporate commuting services in the San Francisco Bay area including the peninsula. But that’s not all. In addition to meeting the transportation needs of our discerning clients traveling within the East, North, and South Bay areas, we are flexible when it comes to serving other regions in and around the Golden State.

With several locations strategically placed, we’re able to offer the same level of high-quality charter bus and shuttle transportation service to all of Northern California, Southern California and farther away. Our commitment to excellence never waivers. Statewide, we’re your dependable source for VIP transportation, anytime.

Getting your business associates to their work destination the right way is all that matters to us. To this end, we specialize in luxury corporate commuter transportation on a large scale, and we do this every single day. Matter of fact, routinely handling commuting for groups of 1,000 or more passengers is no problem for us.

If you are looking for commuter solutions, Vice President Transportation Logistics Alisha Stanfield is ready to assist. E-mail alisha@c3transit.com for your customized quote. 

Experienced, Dependable, and Devoted Professional Chauffeurs

Our clients expect dependability and we’re all about that. Our chauffeurs are extensively trained and love what they do. As a result, they are professional in their day-to-day interactions with the public. They’re devoted to their craft of road travel and thrive on delivering a friendly and purposeful traveling experience to each passenger they chauffeur.

24-Hour State-of-the-Art Reservation, Fast Dispatch, and Aviation-based Tracking Systems

Our advanced state-of-the-art reservation and real-time dispatch is first class. The cutting-edge system we rely on incorporates the same global tracking for traffic that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) uses. All of these practices allow us to maintain the flow of ongoing communication with our drivers. These forward-thinking implementations mean one thing: your chauffeur arrives at the time you expect.

Trip and Transportation Planning

We are the leading provider of Bay area shuttle services. Speaking of timely arrivals and communications, you’re always in the loop. We notify you about the status of your scheduled transportation by way of email, text messages, or phone calls, whichever you prefer.

For your convenience, as a part of your trip planning, we offer:

  • Notifications that make sense.
  • Information about stops and read schedule reminders.
  • The ability to track and monitor bus travel in real-time.

Trip planning involves taking the best-recommended route. Our luxury vehicles utilize intelligent heat mapping geographical software which reveals population density based on traffic data. If the original planned route is too congested, your chauffeur can plan an alternate pathway.

Late Model Luxury Vehicles Equipped with the Latest Technologies

Our luxury fleet is very high-tech. All vehicles are from manufacturers combine the latest in technological safety enhancements with innovative styling and comfort. World-class transportation and nothing less is what our clients deserve. Select from luxury sedans, stretch limousines, stretch SUVs, mini-coach, and luxury full-size coaches including Excursions and Hummers.

For additional personalization, we’ve installed diagnostics, badge scanners, and operator data in our luxury vehicles. These technology advancements enable us to monitor your chauffeur’s behavior and vehicle location. It’s all part of our mission to deliver exceptional service.

What’s more, during the relaxing ride in one of our opulent commuting vehicles, passengers can stay connected using our WiFi. Some take advantage of the extra time to check their emails, social media accounts, browse the Internet, or make video calls with Skype.

24/7 Customer Support

Our commitment to quality extends to our stellar customer service department. We’re available 24/7 to address your questions about transportation, take your requirements, and hear your feedback. Our patient staff remains poised and ready to take your call.

We’re fully insured and licensed. As a strong believer in transparency, we offer the option for you to inspect our luxury vehicles prior to setting your reservation. Our well-maintained, beautiful fleet is integral to our business. Dedicated, reliable, and competent, Code 3 Global Transportation is your commuting luxury service for all your transportation needs today and tomorrow.

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