C3 Transportation Your Complete Transportation Provider

Whether you have a one-time, short-term or ongoing need for corporate transportation, you understandably need to schedule service with a reliable, trusted team of professionals. C3 Transportation (A Code 3 Company) provides shuttle and charter bus transportation services throughout California and has been proudly meeting the needs of our valued clients in the Bay Area and beyond for many years.

From Airport Transfers, Corporate Outings to Comprehensive Commuter Programs, C3 Transportation will provide safe, reliable services that are customized and tailored to meet every individual client’s needs.

Airport and Hotel Shuttle Services

Safe, reliable guest transportation at an affordable price!

Hotels need shuttles to move guests back and forth from hotel to airport.  As hotels compete for airline pilot and crew contracts, they must have a dependable, cost effective option to transport airline employees.

C3 Transportation offers reliable, dependable, alternative fuel shuttle solutions to meet those needs.  Shuttles generally operate during the peak flight times or maybe 24/7, depending on the hotel needs.   Features include:

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Hotel Branding Options Available
  • Interior Advertising Options
  • Shared Solutions Available with Neighboring Hotels

Corporate Commuter Solutions

Productive, sustainable, stress-free commuter services!

Corporate Commuter Bus Services provide employees, students or the public with fixed route, regular scheduled services to and from residential areas to corporations, universities or office complexes.  C3 Transportation will work to create a unique, comprehensive program that will provide employees with a safe, alternative, productive way to commute. Alternatively to our corporate commuter bus solution is an executive shuttle, which may be suitable for upper management and executives. These are typically smaller vehicles that enable your top brass to work quietly while they commute to the office. If you are not already providing commuter shuttle service to your employees, this is an excellent benefit that can improve morale and that may help you to attract and retain top talent. A few highlights of Commuter Bus Services include:

  • Customized solutions based on employee density areas
  • Great solutions for Employers and Employees
  • WiFi enabled for greater productivity
  • Sustainable option for corporate campuses
  • A wide variety of vehicle sizes to choose from – 10 passenger up to 60 passenger options available
employee shuttle service bay area

Conference and Convention Shuttle Solutions

While commuter shuttle or bus services are ideal for ongoing transportation needs, your business may have significant, short-term needs that require a professional solution. Our San Francisco charter services are ideal for conferences, conventions and other special transportation needs. Navigating through heavy traffic and trying to find a parking space close to the venue are struggles that each of your employees may face when you are requiring or encouraging attendance at a convention or a conference. Your employees need to arrive at the event safe, on time and in the right state of mind to be as productive as possible. As is the case with regular commuter bus services, we can schedule a charter bus San Francisco to run at specific times for the convenience of your employees. You can schedule one executive bus or a fleet of our buses to meet your unique needs. Our vehicles are clean, modern and well-equipped with essential technologies like wireless connectivity and USB charging ports.

Inter-campus Shuttle Solutions

The Missing Link across your facilities!

Whether you have 2 or more facilities that are in different locations or a large campus that requires employees to move to and from buildings, C3 Transportation’s Intercampus Connector Shuttle Solutions can connect your employees to their destination without the burden of parking or the cost of an individual shared ride service. 

An intercampus shuttle enables you to seamlessly connect your campuses by improving the mobility of your staff members. When your employees are on the shuttle, they may still be able to respond to emails, take phone calls and be productive in other ways. Parking demands at all campuses may also be reduced.

An intercampus shuttle is also ideal for colleges and universities, large medical complexes or hospitals, resort communities and more. You need your faculty, staff members, guests and others to have a convenient way to get around quickly, and we proudly rise to meet your needs.


  • Connecting employees, students, or the public to and from facilities or parking areas
  • Great option to reduce single occupancy vehicle traffic and parking congestion
  • Electric options provide a zero emission solution
  • Fixed Route and On Demand Solutions available

Last Mile Shuttles

Linking public transportation hubs to corporate campuses, universities and multi-tenant buildings

One of the most common reasons why people do not take advantage of affordable and eco-friendly mass transit commuting solutions is the last “few miles” of the journey from hub to office.  Often times, the walk, bike or scooter options are just too far to get to the office – especially during the cold, rainy season…

Last Mile Shuttle Services bridge the gap between mass transit to campus with multiple route options during peak commute hours.  With a last mile shuttle, employees simply step off of their regular bus, train or other preferred mass transit solution. Our executive bus or charter van will be ready to pick them up and take them on the last leg of their commute. Service can be scheduled to run at specific times during the day to meet the needs of the majority of your employees while still maintaining cost-effectiveness. A few highlights include:

  • More options provide greater flexibility for commuters
  • Connect to trains, ferries, subways and bus hubs
  • Allows individuals to utilize commuter subsidies
  • Electric and alternative fueled vehicles available for even greater sustainability

Private Group and Special Event Chartered Services

Endless possibilities for events, teambuilding, wine tours or just a night on the town! Transportation for 1 or for 1,000 – C3 Transportation has it covered.

Regardless of whether you need transportation for a large conference or festival, or you want to book a fun trip out with friends, C3 Transportation can accommodate your needs.  The large fleet of premium vehicles allows for small to large moves within the Bay Area.  Through our trusted, vetted affiliate pool, C3 Transportation, can reserve and manage programs across the United States.  The possibilities are endless.  Just a few examples of charter bus San Francisco services include:

  • Convention and Conference Shuttles
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Dine-Arounds
  • Team Building Events
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Corporate and Private Holiday Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Wine Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • VIP Transportation
  • Individual Transportation Needs
Sunset aerial view of University of California, Davis, Shields Avenue

University Shuttle Programs

 Fast, easy, safe, reliable campus transportation programs for students, faculty, staff and the public

Student, faculty and staff transportation solutions are vital for the success of the institution.  More often than not, parking is limited if not completely prohibited in certain areas, making it impossible for commuting students to find an adequate solution for their travel to and from campus.

C3 Transportation can provide customized solutions for universities and institutions to alleviate the pressure of finding additional parking, remove single occupancy vehicles from the road, and assist in providing a safer alternative to travel. Key service can include:

  • Last Mile Public to Campus Shuttle Services
  • Intercampus Connector Services
  • Electric Golf Cart or Car Safe Ride Home Programs

Our Elite Fleet of Vehicles

The right vehicle option for every program.

When it comes to selecting the right vehicle for a commuter service, last mile service, Inter-campus service or a special charter, choices are critical.  C3 Transportation provides a fleet of dependable, high quality luxury vans, shuttles and motor coaches.  Some of the features provided within the fleet include:

  • Vegan Leather Seating
  • Cup-holders
  • Tables
  • Tray tables
  • WiFi
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Restrooms (Motor Coaches and Large Shuttles)
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Overhead Storage
  • Power Ports
  • Climate Control
  • PA System
  • Ipod/MP3 Player Hook Up
  • Spacious Interior
  • Reclining Seats
  • Panoramic Windows

If high end vehicles are not necessary for a service, C3 Transportation also provides a variety of economy vans, shuttles and motor coaches.  Safe, efficient and reliable, these vehicles are perfect for short distance trips such as university, hospital and last mile services. 

Learn More About Our Commuter and Chartered Services Today.

C3 Transportation prides itself in delivering stellar customer service to our clients and the passengers that depend on our services each and every day.  With our exceptional fleet and professional drivers complemented with the flexibility that is provided in every program, clients can feel confident that C3 Transportation is the complete transportation solution provider of choice. 

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